1G Racing Secures Worldwide Production and Design Rights to Noble M12/400 with exception of UK

CINCINNATI, OH (February 22, 2007) –1G Racing proudly announces securing production and design rights from Noble Automotive Limited for the M12/400 series of vehicles. The move comes as 1G Racing continues building upon strong demand for lightweight, high-performance vehicles such as the M12/400 in the supercar arena.

Under the new agreement, 1G Racing has the ability to address design issues of the cars and increase overall quality, performance, and comfort. With complete control in overall design, 1G Racing is confident in providing a better driving experience and service to M12/400 series owners. 1G Racing has been North American distributor of Noble vehicles since 2003.

1G Racing will be re-badging their cars by July 15th 2007. Next generation cars will continue to be produced on the same line and production will remain uninterrupted.

“1G Racing is proud to continue the tradition of an incredibly good sports car and further build upon our success here with M12/400 series,” says 1G Racing Vice President Dean Rosen. “Our company holds the highest commitment to our customers and is excited at the next step in the evolution of one of the best sports cars ever created.”

1G Racing, headquartered in Hamilton, Ohio, specializes in the development and production of high-performance vehicles. For additional information, please call 866-612-6625 or visit