First Rossion Q1 Track-Pack edition lands in Dubai

Rossion Automotive is proud to announce delivery of the first Track-Pack edition car to Dubai! This marks an important milestone for Rossion as this is the first Q1 to be delivered into the Middle East market. Finished in Arancia Borealis Pearl Orange with Metallic Black stripes with orange diamond stitching, this Q1 has been equipped with the full Rossion track package. In addition to the factory equipped integrated roll cage structure, the track package provides Rossion owners with an OMP on-board fire suppression system that provides fire protection in both the passenger cabin and engine compartment, with internal and external activation points. In order to keep the occupants firmly in the seat under extreme g loads, the track package also comes standard with a Scroth Racing harness system and custom harness mounting plates. To ensure optimum engine operating temperatures at the track, custom turbo blankets and Amsoil fluids are used to provide maximum equipment protection under track conditions.    


While the Q1 has always been known for producing 1.09 lateral g’s of grip on street tires, the Rossion Track-Pack allows for the achievement of even higher figures with the addition of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, custom made front track axles, and Koni 3012 fully adjustable shocks. In order to achieve optimum corner entry speeds, Ferodo DS series brake pads are used on the 13″ AP Racing slotted rotors.  


While the Rossion Q1 Track-Pack is not delivered in full race trim, it does provide all of the necessary equipment to have a very competitive day at the track and still drive the Q1 out to dinner the same evening! For more information about the Rossion Q1 Track-Pack, please contact Rossion Automotive at 954-788-1001 or via email at

To view additional photos of this Rossion Track-Pack equipped Q1, click here!