The automotive world has taken notice. The intrigue is undeniable. A striking silhouette stands before you. But only when you own a Rossion Q1 will you understand the power you now possess. Experience the ultimate in civilized handling, dynamic design and superior engineering intelligence.

Rossion defined philosophies are incorporated into the Q1. Lightness of weight and performance are adhered to. Every performance and design element is implemented to make the Rossion both comfortable and inviting, while further improving overall performance. The Rossion Q1 offers an exhilarating driving lesson by demonstrating how a lightweight, brilliantly engineered chassis carefully paired with an extraordinarily powerful engine can shatter all previous conceptions of sports car physics. Shift smoothly through six gears, in the city or at spine tingling speed.

The Q1 will take you to unsurpassed heights in the super car arena. A place where Rossion has earned a name all its own, outperforming all others on the road and track. Though the Q1 is a track oriented supercar, the driving experience is not the harsh, flinty compromise experienced in heavier “track suitable” ultra performance cars. While the Q1 thrills at the track with a taut controlled ride that achieves dynamic perfection, it remains startling compliant on real roads, in daily use.

The Rossion Q1 is the result of the lessons learned in extensive testing, sale, and support. It is a logical development of its predecessor. Every subtle performance change and design nuance was carefully implemented to make the car more comfortable and inviting, while further improving overall performance. The Q1 simply offers, without compromise, a supreme driving experience.