Rossion Automotive Appoints First USA Dealer



POMPANO BEACH, FL (August 1, 2010) –
Rossion Automotive is pleased to announce the appointment of their first US dealer. Dynamic Auto West has been appointed as an official Rossion Dealer for Northern California, which will enable California drivers a chance to not only own one of the world’s best performing cars, but also have full service, technical support, and parts availability on their doorsteps. Delivery of the dealership’s first demonstration Rossion Q-1 is scheduled for August 11, 2010.

The Q1 is based on the famous English design the Noble M400, known among afficianados as one of the finest driving sports cars ever built. Since acquiring the rights to the Noble technology Rossion Automotive has made more than 200 design and engineering improvements. These changes increased the power and performance of the car and also made the external appearance sophisticated enough for the Q1 to sit alongside Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini to attract camera phone photographers wherever you stop the car. Numerous interior design changes have been made to bring a more luxurious feel to the Q1 while also providing modern comforts such as satellite navigation, power mirrors, hand-stitched interiors, and a premium sound system while remaining focused on the sport of driving.. 0-60 Magazine says that “the Q1 exudes understated cool”

Powering the Q1 is a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged aluminum block V6 engine with 450-horsepower and a max torque ratio of 390 lb. ft. at 5,000 rpm. Top speed is 189 mph with 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds and the ability to reach 0-100 mph in 7.7 seconds. The Q1 has a steel space frame with bonded and riveted alloy panels, integral four-point roll cage and G.R.P. composite body with driver/passenger door intrusion beams. At 162 inches long, 74 inches wide (including mirrors) the vehicle weighs lb. 2475 giving it 418 bhp per ton.

The V6 engine delivers a beautiful exhaust note while providing huge torque and almost non-existent turbo lag. The long throttle travel makes it easy to control the 450bhp without wheel spin and response to the throttle is immediate. With 418 bhp per ton the Q1 moves beyond being quick. AutoBlog says “Calling the Q1 quick is like calling water wet … the Q1 is one of the quickest production cars the world has ever seen, featuring a 0-60 mph time equal to the MCLaren F1, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and the Koenigsegg CCX.” 0-60 Magazine says “The acceleration is savage … figures that should earn the Q1 hypercar status.”

In order to provide superior braking capabilities, the Q1 uses cast iron slotted 13 inch AP Racing brakes. This enables the car to stop from 60 mph in 106 feet without the aid of ABS.

Despite straight-line acceleration that places it in the upper echelon of production performance cars. The Q1 excels in its handling in the bends having inherited what has been described as the “magical” suspension geometry of the Noble M400. The Robb Report says that the Q1 “defies the handling norms of contempory sports cars.” “Steering is superb: where you look, there you go.” The Rossion Q1 is able to acheive 1.1 g around a 200 foot skidpad and complete a standard slalom at 75mph. By comparison a Ferrari Enzo can only complete the slalom at 73mph and pull 1.02 g on the skid pad.

Despite it’s incredible performance, the Rossion Q1 provides drivers with a very pleasurable driving experience suitable for day to day use unlike many supercars.

The Rossion Q-1 will be introduced to California customers at the Monterey Historics, August 13th to 15th. Dynamic Auto West will display their Sarthe Gray Q-1 along with a beautiful Suzuka Pearl White Rossion. You will find the Rossion Automotive exhibit in the Expo Display Area (formerly referred to as the Island) of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

About Rossion Automotive
Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Rossion Automotive is the creator of the new Q1 sports car. Conceived as a new kind of automotive company striving to achieve the purest forms of performance, speed, and handling in their vehicle designs, Rossion was founded by partners Ian Grunes and Dean Rosen. For more information on Rossion vehicles, please visit

About Dynamic Auto West

Dynamic Auto West is located in the Silicon Valley at 1823 El Camino in Redwood City, CA 94063. In addition to the exciting Rossion, Dynamic Auto West offers a full family of Ultra High Performance cars from Carroll Shelby and Superformance.
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