EcoBoost is a family of turbocharged, direct injected petrol engines produced by the Ford Motor Company and co-developed by FEV engineering.

Engines equipped with EcoBoost technology are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with larger engine displacement, naturally aspirated engines while achieving approximately 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than these same engines. Relative to the power output and fuel efficiency of hybrid and diesel technologies, Ford sees EcoBoost as an affordable and versatile alternative and intends to use it extensively in future vehicle applications.





The Cyclone engine is Ford Motor Company’s latest DOHC V6 family of gasoline engines. It will gradually replace the Mondeo family of V6 engines over the next several years. The first version, a 3.5 LDuratec V6, appeared in the 2007 Lincoln MKZ. Mazda badges its versions of the Cyclone MZI as it did with its versions of the Mondeo V6.

Notable Cyclone features include a capacity for displacements ranging up to 4.0 L, DOHC 4-valve per cylinder heads, direct acting mechanical bucket (DAMB) camshaft tappets, variable cam timing (iVCT) on the intake camshafts, and twin-independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) on some later versions. Features such as Gasoline direct injection and turbocharging were considerations in the design phase and have been added to the engine as part of EcoBoost. The Duratec 35 is ULEV-II compliant and is capable of meeting the PZEV requirement.




Lighter. Stronger. Faster.

braille-batteryLithium Ion
Braille Battery has lead the way by being the first in the World to offer a lithium starting battery which fits directly into Original Equipment applications. Braille’s Lithium Batteries offers extreme weight benefits and a longer service life. A racer that uses the Lithium product can charge the battery from depleted to full charge in less than 30 minutes, save over 70% on battery weight, and have three times the average life cycle. Trusted by factory racing teams like Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Corvette Racing, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lola, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, and other marques exclusively.* This proven technology is available now for enthusiast and manufactures alike.
150 to 2800 amps
Five times the amperage of similar sized lead acid batteries.
Above 12 volts
Performance up to 3 times longer, and provides constant cranking performance for extended periods of time.


Sealed Safe Technology
Allows for positioning in any direction with no acid or hazardous chemicals spilling.


Green Friendly
RoHS compliant lead free product with a modular design for longer life and less environmental waste.


True-Torque Posts
Transmit the highest amperage to your starter.
Built and Shipped in the USA
Fully charged and performance certified. DOT approved.



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